Experiment 1:

This page is a work in progress, and more detail will be added as testing continues.
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Here is the patent this project is based on: power_unit.pdf
Creating two pulses in rapid succession, one 2.5 times the voltage of the other, and feeding those pulses to coils surrounding a magnet will induce the magnet to give off a pulse thousands of times stronger than its normal flux. It has become apparent that risetime is of critical importance here, and future efforts will concentrate on decreasing risetime and increasing final voltage levels, as well as prediction of the exact threshold location.


The schematic of the coil driver circuit.

Some pictures:

A shot of the entire setup.

A picture of the FPGA that produces the pulse sequences.

And a close-up of the coil with the Neo magnet in the center.

Nothing interesting as of yet. The current list of expected results that occured is:
1. The magnet stack is ejected from the core of the coil if it is left loose.
2. There is an extremely strong back-EMF pulse generated.
3. The coil gets warm. (13.8V at ~1.5A = 20.7W!)